What’s New at Armbruster Tent Maker

Even though this year businesses have suffered tremendous hard times, Armbruster worked hard on improving products and designs. We have learned from the Japanese firms that in hard times, invest in Research and Development so when the economy rolls back you have better and newer products to offer. This year Armbruster has done just that. Things we have done during the 2009 Recession:

1) We took a hard look at our Celebration frame tent series, and recognized our fittings needed to be improved. With valued feedback from our Customers we went back to the drawing board on our Celebration fittings and hired an engineering firm to redesign the steel Celebration fittings to be stronger, easier to assemble, consistent quality, easier to weld, and stronger gauge steel. The result was an entire fitting re-design and testing for 2009. New fittings were expedited and brought into production in September of 2009. They are now available for all new Celebration aluminum frame systems.

2) Armbruster designed and manufactured the 20ft EuroTents series in 2009. Until then we offered the PoleTent and EconoTent in 20ft pole supported tents, now the EuroTent is also built in 20ft series.

3) Armbruster designed and manufactured the 30ft EuroTent series in 2009. Until then we offered the PoleTent and TensionTent series in pole supported tents. We now offer the 30ft EuroTent which is perfect for weddings and special events.

4) With the growing interest in World War II events world wide, Armbruster was being contacted to building WWII Canvas tents. We dug through our files, and brushed the dust off boxes of material left from the war. We found original drawings and details of the Canvas tents we built during the war for numerous government contracts. After building and testing prototypes Armbruster now is selling WWII tents in the standard sizes: Wall Tent Small, Wall Tent Large, and 1934 Pyramidals, and now 1942 Command Post Tents. These tents are built even better than the originals using the same machinery and equipment we used to build tens of thousands of these tents during the war.

For more information contact us at armbruster@springnet1.com. 800-637-4326.