Armbruster Upgrades Celebration Fittings

Always continuing to improve our products, we re-engineered and upgraded our Celebration fittings for 2009. We had two goals in mind. One was to make a stronger fitting with tighter tolerances, the second was to make a fitting that was easier and faster to manufacture. After working with an engineering firm the result was a stronger, more robust fitting, that was easier for a welder to assemble.
Final testing and evaulation is scheduled to be complete by mid summer 2009. All engineered Celebration aluminum systems will have these new fittings late summer/fall 2009. These fittings are compatible with all older Celebration systems. Our goal is to make a longer lasting stronger frame, and keep the cost competitive for our customers. We think you will be pleased.
August Update – Final testing complete, fittings are going to production. Heavier, stronger, better built – a true quality fitting which will make the Celebrations last even longer, and take much higher wind loads!