Canvas US Army WWII Tentage is now on sale at 15% off.
Armbruster Tentmaker is now offering our WWII Milspec tents at 15% off list prices and part of our 2010 Winter Special Program. Tents included are:
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Small, Olive-Drab, Stock No. 24-T-323
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Large, Olive-Drab, Stock No. 24-T-322
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Pyramidal, M-1934, Olive Drab, Stock No. 24-T-320
Tent, Fire-Resistnat, Post Command, 1942, Olive Drab, Stock No. 24-T-318-33
These tents are made to last, just like the originals we manufactured over 65 years ago. Some people ask why our Canvas WWII tents are more expensive that other vendors on the market. The reasons why are these are not tents made for a set to be used one time. We take care to meet the original war time contract specifications and almost 70 years later that doesn’t come cheap. Our tents are better for the following reasons:
  1. These WWII Tents are American Made not imported
  2. These tents are manufactured by the same manufacturer who made them during the War.
  3. We use the same machines, stencils, and hardware, some dating from 1928.
  4. We reference our original drawings and files on hand from the War era.
  5. We source flame retardant, waterproofed 12.29oz OD cotton duck material not cheap untreated 10 oz canvas. It took years to source this authentic wartime spec material.
  6. We build our Canvas tents with reinforcements, double stitching, reinforced webbing, heavy duty hardware – so these tents last even longer than the originals.
  7. We source authentic brass grommets, thread, cotton webbing, slides, and rope – some materials from our own stocks dated back to the 1940s. The slides, cotton tape and Cotton thread on our first run of tents was actually from the war era.
  8. Lifespan of our WWII canvas tents is 30-40 years of regular use.
  9. These are Milspec tents made to military specifications – not re-enactor grade tents that wear out after a few years. We don’t make reproductions we make NEW MADE WARTIME CANVAS TENTS to U.S. Government Contract Specifications.
  10. We have been making tents since 1875, with over 135 years of tent making experience. We stand behind our products and it shows.
  11. These WWII Canvas tents are hand made by master craftsmen with over 40 years of tent manufacturing experience.
  12. Because these tents are made by a TENTMAKER, the patterns are correct and the pull out properly to look like a tent! (and shed water properly). Other vendors tents don’t pull out properly because the patterns are incorrect, or the sewing was done improperly.
  13. These tents are under full warranty back by a company who has been hand making tents since 1875.

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