Armbruster Makes Tents for Spiderman 3

Armbruster made the tents for the funeral scene in Spiderman 3. We get contacted often to make tents for different movies. Sony Productions contacted Armbruster to make “Morbid” tents for the upcoming Spiderman 3 movie. The tents will be in the funeral scene and needed to look elegant, but dark and morbid to go with the scene. We worked with the design department and came up with the perfect look. Armbruster also provided black mesh screening for Sony Productions for the final Adam’s Family movie. In one scene the camera was far away from a gazebo, and had to zoom in to focus on the characters, but the camera had to be able to focus through the mesh. We worked with their camera department to ensure the mesh worked with their cameras in order to complete the scene. The gazebo was totally enclosed with black mesh for the shot. Contact for any projects or ideas.
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